Branches and representatives

Ruslan Hishanlo  

Official representative of IAHIM in Egypt and the Middle East

Head of the "Amina Ruslan" Educational Center, Cairo

Specialist in the field of traditional medicine of the Middle East


WatsUp +996554774644



Elmira Lofflin  

Official representative of IAHIM in Kuwait

The cardiologist, ultrasound

WatsUp +996700397302, +96566890780


Official representatives of IAHIM in Moscow and the Moscow region

Roman  Berezhnoy

pediatrician, physical therapy doctor, chiropractor, applied kinesiologist, Nei Jing Acupuncture specialist

Mob: +7 926 753 45 97

Alexander  Osipov

Neurologist, Nei Jing acupuncture specialist

Mob: +7 926 163 28 98

The official representative of IAHIM in the Urals

Curator of the direction of herbal medicine in the framework of IAHIM

Sergey Potanin

Director of the medical center"Alternative Treatment" Chelyabinsk

Doctor-pediatrician, acupuncture

Mobile: 007 912 797 01 03

Official representative of IAHIM in Sochi

Yuriy Nitsenko neurologist, osteopath


Curator of traditional medicine in Kyrgyzstan within the framework of IAHIM

Bektash Asanov  

Neurologist, Physiotherapist,Osteopath, chiropractor

Mob:+996 550 573 913

Curator of the Reiki direction on the territory of Kyrgyzstan within the framework of IAHIM

Alfiia Khanmurzina  

Master Reiki Teacher


Mobile: +996550188233

Phone: +996 550 18-82-33

Curator of holistic areas in veterinary medicine IAHIM

Nadezhda Stempkovskaya

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Specialization: vet.homeopathy, herbal medicine, toxicology, dermatology, gastroenterology, laser therapy

the Deputy Director of FC "hope vetmedical kg", Bishkek


Mob: +996 707 455 579