Membership Terms


5.1. Membership in voluntary associations. The Association brings together individuals (citizens), as well as foreign citizens and legal entities - public associations The Kyrgyz Republic and other countries, promoting its activities, recognizing the Charter, and following the rules of the Association with regard to membership dues and have common interests. 

5.2. Members of the Association may be citizens who have attained 18 years of age, whose activities are directly or indirectly aimed at the preservation of health, improvement of citizens from the perspective of holistic and integrative medicine, as well as citizens who share the views, goals and Objectives of the Association; 

5.3. Association members may be foreign citizens and persons without citizenship. 

5.4. Members of the Association may be legal entities - public associations, recognizing its statutes and rules regarding the payment of membership fees. 

5.5. Membership in the Association of citizens is carried out by the Association on the basis of individual applications submitted to the President of the Association of the name.

5.6. Acceptance of a legal entity - a public association as a member of the Association is carried Association Guidelines on the application, signed by its head, and the decision of the governing body with copies of the registration certificate and articles of association or regulations, notarized. Legal entities - public associations participate in the activities of the Association through its authorized representatives.

5.7. Members of the Association can be excluded from the decision of its membership of the Association of Guides in cases of gross violations of statutory rules by using forms and methods that are incompatible with the basic principles of activity, as well as non-payment of membership fees for the period of more than two years. They are considered as having left after the decision. Voluntary withdrawal from the Association on the basis of the personal application of the citizen or solutions the governing body of the legal entity - the public association. 

5.8. Dimensions of entrance and annual membership fees and order of payment established by the Association of Management. Upon withdrawal or expulsion from the membership of the Association and earmarked contributions are not returned.

5.9. Individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the Association, or have a significant material and financial assistance, leadership decisions can be made an honorary member of the Association with a diploma, and other insignia.

The management of the Association decided that entrance and membership fees will be introduced in six months.  At the moment, joining the Association and membership in it is free. 


Download the application form from our website, print it out and fill in by hand.

for individuals
for legal entities

or fill out the application ONLINE


Scan a hand-filled application form (if not an online application!), attach copies of documents certifying your education and send everything to us by e-mail:




1) Full name 

2) medical specialty, specialization (for basic information on the site)

3) Detailed information for colleagues and patients about you and your treatment methods

4) Information about the training you provide

5) site, phone, e-mail (indicating whether you want them to be displayed on the site)


Next, we process your application within 7 business days. We check the documents for compliance with the rules of entry in accordance with the charter of the Association, and if they pass the test successfully, you become a member of the International Association of Holistic and Integrative Medicine.

And your information will be posted on the association website