Statute of the public association "International Association of Holistic and Integrative Medicine"


1.1. Public association "The International Association of Holistic and Integrative Medicine", hereinafter referred to as "Association" - a self-governing public association created on a voluntary basis citizens working in holistic and integrative medicine and related fields on the basis of common interests. The Association does not set as the goal of the activity profit and redistributing it among members.

1.2. The Association carries out its activities in more than half of the Russian Federation, has a national status and establishes close links and contacts with various relevant organizations of the Russian Federation and other countries.

1.3. The Association carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution, the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Charter on the principles of voluntariness, equality of members, publicity, legality of self-financing and self-government, the election of the governing bodies.

1.4. The association is a legal entity from the moment of its state registration, has a seal with its full name in Russian, Kyrgyz and English, a stamp, emblem, badges and medals, approved by the Association's management, as well as other necessary details, duly registered.


1.5. The Association has estimated catfish and foreign currency accounts in banks of the Kyrgyz Republic and outside its territory in accordance with established procedure, use and dispose of property belonging to her property rights, as well as enter into contracts in accordance with applicable law and the objectives of the activity.

1.6. The Association may remunerate staff and experts involved for the decision of its statutory objectives. The issue of remuneration of the President and his deputies solved Association Guidelines.

1.7. The Association is responsible for its obligations with its property on which execution may be levied under the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

1.8. The state is not liable for the obligations of the Association, which is also not responsible for its obligations. 

1.9. The Association is not liable for obligations of its members, and its members are not liable for the obligations of the Association.

1.10. The Association has the right on his behalf to enter into contracts, acquire and exercise property and personal non-property rights, assume obligations, sue and be sued in court, arbitration and arbitration courts. 

1.11. The Association has the right to use the bank credit in the manner prescribed by applicable law.

1.12. The Association has the right to join international associations, to acquire rights and obligations corresponding to the status of these international associations, maintain direct international contacts and relations, enter into agreements with foreign non-union.

1.13. The association may establish branches, subsidiaries and representative offices in the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign countries. 



2.1. Name: public association«International Association of Holistic and Integrative Medicine»,

2.2. Location of a permanent governing body of the Association Presidium – Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.


3.1 The main objectives of the Association are to promote the realization of creative, professional and scientific potential of its members in order to solve urgent scientific and practical problems in the field of Holistic and Integrative Medicine: the direction of holistic and integrative medicine are:

1) Manipulation, chiropractic, osteopathy, postisometric relaxation, Applied kinesiology, massage, acupressure and acupressure and other techniques of manual treatment of the patient for diagnosis, treatment and prevention zabolevaniy.2) Traditional methods of recovery and treatment: acupuncture (BMT Chronopuncture , Yun Liu Qi (celestial and terrestrial trunks branches) auriculotherapy, Su Jok, Su J, micro-needling, surface acupuncture, thermopuncture, createfixture, hirudoreflexotherapy, vacuum reflexology, ultrasonic reflexology, pharmacopuncture, bioenergetika, application and combination reflex therapy methods and other methods of influence on acupuncture points), Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, homotoxicology, anthroposophic medicine, traditional medicine, naturopathy, health food, herbal remedies and other natural substances, natural delivery, hypnotherapy, traditional systems of medicine of various peoples: Chinese, Tibetan, Vedic and so on.

3) methods of bioelectromagnetic influence: effects on the various methods of acupuncture points: electropuncture reflexology, electromicrographs, aeroionizatora, electromagnetometry reflexology, magnetopuncture, svetarundra reflexology, laser puncture. And also-bioenergotherapy, bioresonance therapy, percutaneous electroneurostimulation, the impact of "hubs" and "transformers" of cosmic energy, the impact of information-active drugs - "charged" water, nosodes, organic and reprint copies, etc. Treatment using special generators of physical fields (torsion, microlepton). Non-contact field effect of metals, minerals, plants.

4) diet, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and methods of a healthy lifestyle, a variety of diet, starvation techniques and detoxification, vegetarian, phytotherapy, macrobiotic, the use of dietary supplements, nutrition methods etc.

5) methods of body and emotion management, including methods of influence on the body through the senses: feedback control, hypnosis, behavioral therapy, visualization and imaging techniques, meditation, the placebo effect, Reiki, Chinese gymnastics and therapy, qi Gong, yoga therapy, acrocarpia system control of respiration, cymatics , music therapy, art-therapy and dans-, laughter therapy, color therapy (including color light therapy on Dinshahu at Morella, Mandel), the impact of Tibetan singing bowls treatment sound psychoenergosuggestion, aromatherapy, flower essences therapy Bach, religious healing of all kinds, physiotherapy and etc.

6) biological and pharmacological agents: apitherapy; hirudotherapy treatment agents of mineral origin, animal origin treatment means; cell therapy, enzymatic, metabolic, oxygen, antioxidant, chelation therapy, biochemical therapy for V.Shyussleru, orthomolecular medicine, combination of biological drugs used against cancer and so on.


7) diagnostic methods: acupuncture, thermopuncture diagnostics, electropuncture diagnostics, pulse diagnosis, iridology, kirilian Photography, frequency-resonance diagnostics etc., includes interaction of these areas with other areas of medicine of medicine and healing techniques of physical and mental, which can be useful for development and implementation of holistic and integrative medicine as well as the use of these areas in veterinary practice;

3.1.1 The solution of social, charitable, cultural, educational and research questions; 

3.1.2. participate in the development of research priorities in a holistic and integrative medicine; 

3.1.3. providing research, information and practical assistance to the Association members;

3.1.4. protection of the rights and legitimate interests of its members; 

3.1.5. the development and strengthening of professional, moral, ethical and deontological norms in the holistic and integrative medicine

3.1.6. Cooperation with Kyrgyz and international NGOs on the profile of the work.

3.2. In accordance with current legislation the Association performs the following activities:

3.2.1. arrange for Kyrgyz and international congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars and other forums on topical issues of the Association's activities; 

3.2.2. It publishes its own or in conjunction with other organizations, the scientific and practical journals, textbooks and manuals in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad;

3.2.3. a regularly constituted public academies of sciences of holistic and integrative medicine, private educational institutions for medical training and certification, publishing; 

3.2.4. conducts research, scientific, practical and expert work on contracts with the state, public and commercial organizations, and individuals or on their own initiative;

3.2.5. It creates the Scientific Council of the Association, acting in accordance with its regulations, which defines the areas of scientific research, forms the subject matter of scientific forums, recommends the introduction of achievements in the field of health, environment, science and technology in a holistic and integrative medicine and solves other relevant issues; 

3.2.6. It carries out research, publishing, printing cultural, educational and film and video activities, develops automated export-advisory system using computer technology and makes production of printed materials for the implementation of the Association's objectives; 

3.2.7. It develops, manufactures and markets topical products that are necessary to achieve the objectives in accordance with the objectives of the Association;

3.2.8. involved in the information support (patent search, translations from foreign languages ​​into Russian and vice versa, referencing, writing reviews, etc..) interested legal entities and individuals on the topical issues of Holistic and Integrative Medicine and other issues of activities of the Association;

3.2.9. organizes the generalization of the results of research, clinical and practical work in the form of books, manuals, guidelines and recommendations on health organization, Holistic and Integrative Medicine;

3.2.10. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and preservation of ecology of human life, and is also involved in the development of research programs-health, ecological and recreational and rehabilitation systems and activities for different population groups; 

3.2.11. inform the members of the Association plans to hold scientific and practical activities in the field of holistic and integrative medicine in our country and abroad;

3.2.12. develops relations with scientific societies, associations and institutions of medical profile, as well as with related scientific organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad; 

3.2.13. participates in the development of health care quality standards in the field of holistic and integrative medicine;

3.2.14. organizes the diagnostic studies and the necessary consultations with specialists of various professions with the definition of their medical and rehabilitation activities, as well as professional competence; 

3.2.15. takes part in development programs, criteria for the preparation and training of health professionals as the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign countries with the organization full-time, part-time, distant and on-site courses;

3.2.16. conducting public expert evaluation of the training of health workers, who are members of the Association, recommends them for certification and appointment, and can also take part in the awarding qualification categories; 

3.2.17. examination forms Qualification Commission, will organize its work with a test of knowledge of the association members on the theory and practice of the chosen specialty;

3.2.18. participates in the development and implementation of human factors and safety programs in areas of professional activity with a view to ensuring information materials experts and the recommendations of international organizations; 

3.2.19. holds on contracts public examination of social, health, environmental, and technical documentation projects, research and other promotional operations; 

3.2.20. Organizes social and environmental studies; 

3.2.21. participates in the development, establishment, operation and implementation of programs for use in Holistic and Integrative Medicine;

3.2.22. takes part in organizing and conducting clinical testing of new drugs and equipment, methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as their design and implementation in practice of holistic and integrative medicine; 

3.2.23. promoting the results of research in the field of Holistic and Integrative Medicine;

3.2.24. participates in the development of medical ethics and issues related to their implementation; 

3.2.25. protects the professional and social interests of its members, including legal, as well as helping to improve their working conditions and health promotion; 

3.2.26. It contributes to the creation of independent professional medical-expert commissions in accordance with applicable law;

3.2.27. It carries on business in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic to achieve the objectives of the Association and form temporary creative teams to develop research products, conduct environmental, health research, examinations and other work; 

3.2.28. It manufactures and sells environmentally friendly products, carries out repairs, Ornamental and design works from environmentally friendly materials that contribute to the preservation and improvement of health; 

3.2.29. decides on leisure tourism organization of sanatorium treatment and health improvement and rehabilitation activities for members and other citizens;

3.2.30. takes part in the construction of educational, housing, social, cultural and welfare and other supplies needed for the activities of the Association; 

3.2.31. It opened in accordance with applicable law branches, subsidiaries and representative offices in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad;

3.2.32. acquires, sells, hires and rents out the premises, property and equipment in accordance with applicable law; 

3.2.33. organizes exhibitions, trade fairs, sales and other events in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad, the respective aims of the Association; 

3.2.34. implements for medical institutions and individuals equipment and machinery, medicines, herbal preparations, dietary supplements, medical supplies, organic food and other products of domestic and foreign production; 

3.2.35. It facilitates the organization of museum work with the archive and the library on the history of Holistic and Integrative Medicine; 

3.2.36. It creates financial reserves and organizational prerequisites for the development of international relations and participation in the implementation of various forms of exchange of experts;

3.2.37. carries out other activities not prohibited by applicable law and the relevant objectives of the Association. 


4.1. Association for authorized purposes in accordance with the current legislation has the right to:

4.1.1. freely disseminate information about its activities;

4.1.2. participate in decision-making bodies of state power and local self-government in the manner and to the extent permitted by applicable law; 

4.1.3. establish mass media and carry out publishing activities; 

4.1.4. establish private educational institutions, public associations, business partnerships and companies; 

4.1.5. implement teaching activities with the issuance of permits and certificates in accordance with applicable law; 

4.1.6. to represent and protect the rights of association, the legitimate interests of its members, as well as other citizens in the state government, local government and public associations; 

4.1.7. take initiatives on various issues of public life, and to make proposals to public authorities;

4.1.8. to provide charitable assistance; 

4.1.9. to implement fully the powers provided for by the laws on Public Associations. 

4.2. Association of responsibilities:

4.2.1. comply with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the universally recognized norms and principles of international law concerning the scope of its activities;

4.2.2. assist the representatives of the state bodies; 

4.2.3. to carry out licensed activities after obtaining the appropriate licenses. 


5.1. Membership in voluntary associations. The Association brings together individuals (citizens), as well as foreign citizens and legal entities - public associations The Kyrgyz Republic and other countries, promoting its activities, recognizing the Charter, and following the rules of the Association with regard to membership dues and have common interests. 

5.2. Members of the Association may be citizens who have attained 18 years of age, whose activities are directly or indirectly aimed at the preservation of health, improvement of citizens from the perspective of holistic and integrative medicine, as well as citizens who share the views, goals and Objectives of the Association; 

5.3. Association members may be foreign citizens and persons without citizenship. 

5.4. Members of the Association may be legal entities - public associations, recognizing its statutes and rules regarding the payment of membership fees. 

5.5. Membership in the Association of citizens is carried out by the Association on the basis of individual applications submitted to the President of the Association of the name.

5.6. Acceptance of a legal entity - a public association as a member of the Association is carried Association Guidelines on the application, signed by its head, and the decision of the governing body with copies of the registration certificate and articles of association or regulations, notarized. Legal entities - public associations participate in the activities of the Association through its authorized representatives.

5.7. Members of the Association can be excluded from the decision of its membership of the Association of Guides in cases of gross violations of statutory rules by using forms and methods that are incompatible with the basic principles of activity, as well as non-payment of membership fees for the period of more than two years. They are considered as having left after the decision. Voluntary withdrawal from the Association on the basis of the personal application of the citizen or solutions the governing body of the legal entity - the public association. 

5.8. Dimensions of entrance and annual membership fees and order of payment established by the Association of Management. Upon withdrawal or expulsion from the membership of the Association and earmarked contributions are not returned.

5.9. Individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the Association, or have a significant material and financial assistance, leadership decisions can be made an honorary member of the Association with a diploma, and other insignia. 


6.1 Members of the Association have the following rights:

 6.1.1. to elect and be elected to the governing and supervisory bodies of the Association; 

6.1.2. be a member of other societies, associations and unions;

 6.1.3. voluntary withdrawal from the Association; 

6.1.4. the support and protection of the Association in meeting their professional and social interests;

6.1.5. to discuss all the issues of the Association's activities, make suggestions for its improvement and to participate in the implementation of the Association's objectives; 

6.1.6. use as a priority, the Association of services on preferential terms, including medical care and the purchase of its publications; 

6.1.7. be a member of congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars and other forums organized by the Association;

6.1.8. pass a qualifying exam in the state educational institutions of the Association for certification specialist in accordance with current legislation; 

6.1.9. published in the publications issued by the Association for Holistic and Integrative Medicine; 

6.1.10. contact the Association for the evaluation of training (in case of the need for social protection) and advice for certification and appointment; 

6.1.11. participate actively in the activities of the Association; 

6.1.12. make specific contributions and provide sponsorship. 

6.2. Members of the Association are obliged to:

6.2.1. timely pay the annual membership fee;

6.2.2. to promote the Association's activities to achieve the statutory purposes; 

6.2.3. carry out a clear and timely contractual commitments and financial obligations to the Association; 

6.2.4. writing notify the Management of its withdrawal from the Association; 

6.2.5. guided in its activities by the present Charter of the Association and not violate its provisions.


7.1. Association Congress. 

7.1.1. The highest governing body of the Association is the Congress.

 7.1.2. Congress is convened by the Association of once every seven years. Its convening members of the Association and the program will be notified three months before the start of work. Extraordinary Congress may at the initiative of the Presidency and the President, as well as at the request of the Auditing Commission or not less than two-thirds of the members of the Association. 

7.1.3. The norm of representation of delegates to the congress of the Association established by Management.

 7.1.4. Congress can resolve any issues the Association. Exclusive competence of the Congress:

- hears, discusses and approves the reports of the President, Management and Control and Auditing Commission; 

- making changes and additions to the Articles of Association; 

- elects the President, Management and Auditing Commission for a period of seven years, as well as the Honorary President; 

- approves the budget expenses of the Association and report on them;

- determines the main directions of practical and theoretical activities of the Association, it is planned to conduct a regular and long-term measures and approve the program;

 - decides on reorganization and liquidation of the Association. 

7.1.5. Election of the President, Management, Control and Audit Committee and Honorary President made on the basis of openness and democracy. The shape of their election (open or secret ballot) established by the Congress. 

7.1.6. Honorary President of the Association shall be elected from its members, who have made a significant contribution to its organization, formation and development, and operates in accordance with its regulations. election period it is not limited. 

7.1.7. Association Congress is competent if it is attended by more than two-thirds of the members of the Association.

7.1.8. Congress decisions on matters within its exclusive competence accepted by two-thirds vote of the present members with a quorum. Decisions on other matters shall be adopted if they are voted for more than half of the participants present. The form of voting is determined by the Congress. 

7.2. Association leadership.

7.2.1. During the period between congresses, the Presidium of the Association is the permanent governing body of the Association. 

7.2.2. The Presidium shall be convened to meetings as required by the President, but not less than once a year. 

7.2.3. The Presidium is composed of members, the amount of which is determined. Congress and headed by President of the Association.

7.2.4. The Presidium shall be entitled, if present at the meeting, more than half of its members. Decisions are made by simple majority vote. If no member of the Presidency to decide the legality of its written opinion on the issues involved. 

7.2.5. Presidium of competence: - directs the activities of the Association during the period between congresses; - convene the Congress of the Association;

- disposes of property of the Association; 

- Review and determine the costs and an estimate of the Association forms its budget; 

- makes proposals on amendments to the charter of the Association for approval by Congress; 

- elect the first vice-president and executive secretary of the President of the presentation, as well as addresses issues of non-compliance;

- outputs from the leadership of its members did not participate in the work, absent without valid reasons for its meetings for two years or contrary to the statute of the Association, subject to the approval of this decision at the Congress; 

- shall appoint as new members to the approval of the Congress; 

- decides on the establishment and exclusion from the regional offices of the Association;

- determines the size of the entrance and annual membership fees; 

- make proposals to the Congress of the candidates for President and Honorary President, a member of the Management and Control and Auditing Commission; 

- review and approve the adoption of a legal entity of a public association of the Association members and decide on the termination of membership;

- assigns the title of honorary member of the Association, and is also considering the issue of deprivation of this title; 

- makes decisions on establishment of branches and representative offices of the Association and the termination of their activities, according to their regulations; 

- solves the problem of creating a section of the Association of business areas based on departmental and regional features;

- considers disputes, complaints and suggestions of the Association; 

- organizes the implementation of decisions of the Congress of the Association; 

- monitors the implementation of the Association's charter; 

- taking measures to implement the goals of the Association; 

- forms and submit for approval by the Congress of the program activities of the Association; 

- represent the Association in public and other organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad;

- says the Association emblem and awards; 

- forming the Executive Committee of the Association and recommends nominees its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for approval by the President; 

- decide on other appropriate matters relating to the activities of the Association, does not fall within the exclusive competence of the Congress. 

7.3. President of the Association.

7.3.1. Head of the Association and supervises the work of the Presidium. 

7.3.2. Chosen by the Congress for seven years for presentation to management. 

7.3.3. Competence of the President: - manages the current activity of the Association - organizes the elimination of identified Auditing Commission shortcomings in the activities of the Association; 

- solves other necessary matters not within the competence of the Congress and the Guidelines.

7.3.4. The President is responsible for the violation of financial discipline in accordance with applicable law. He is responsible for failure to comply with the work plan of the Presidency and the contracts concluded by the Association with his participation. 

7.4. First Vice-President of the Association. 

7.4.1. The First Deputy President of the Association.

7.4.2. Chosen by the Presidium of the Association from among its members for a term of seven years on the proposal of the President, who prematurely may raise the issue of non-compliance and the re-election of the first vice-president. 

7.4.3. The number of first Vice-President may be increased by the decision of the Presidium of the Association with the main directions of its activity. 

7.4.4. The competence of the First Vice-President:

- represent the Association on behalf of the President; 

- is constantly working to involve members in the Association; 

- is responsible for the correct accounting of the Association and the timely payment of annual membership fees and their postings; 

- controls the receipt of correspondence from members of the Association and the timeliness of responses to their letters; 

- is planned and contractual documentation, in addition to the financial;

- prepare information materials to members of the Association and monitors sending and receiving; 

- Participates in the development of congresses, conferences, programs; seminars and other events; 

- organizing issues of social protection of members of the Association; 

- enter into contracts on behalf of the Association on behalf of the President;

- is responsible for the main direction of the activity determined by the Presidium, and performs work assignments of the President. 

7.4.5. First Vice-President is responsible for the improper conduct of accounting and reporting documentation, untimely posting of membership fees, the failure of the contracts concluded with his participation, and the failure of the other items on its competence; 

7.5. deputy President (vice-presidents).

7.5.1. Vice-President (Vice-Presidents) for the therapeutic and prophylactic work, medical and professional expertise, scientific research, international relations, administrative and economic issues and others appointed by the President of the Association. They are released from their posts voluntarily or by decision of the President. Vice-competence are defined in job descriptions approved by the President. 

7.6. The regional branch of the Association

7.6.1 The structural units of the Association are regional offices created in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad (including on the basis of medical and other institutions, enterprises and organizations) and acting on the basis of its charter. Association offices can acquire legal personality in accordance with applicable law. 

7.6.2 Educated regional offices can be combined in a section on the territorial or departmental principle, acting on the basis of regulations approved by the President.

7.6.3 The Association may establish branches and representative offices, which are not legal entities and act in accordance with the Charter of the Association and on the basis of regulations approved by the Bureau. 

7.6.4 The highest governing body is the regional branch of the meeting, the board convened at least once a year. Meeting is competent if it is attended by more than half the members of the department. Decisions are made by simple majority vote. 

7.6.5 The exclusive competence of the meeting of the regional branch:

- hears, discusses and approves the report of the chairman of department; 

- elect a board composed of: Chairman of the department, his deputy and a secretary for a period of 2 years;

- defines the main directions of the activity and approve the plan of work; 

- recommends admission to the Association of Citizens - new members; 

- decides on the operational management of the property assigned to the Department by the Association;

 - Review and determine estimates of the Association and its branch structure; 

- solve other issues of activities of the office.

7.6.6 Assembly Decision on the election of the board of the regional branch shall require a two-thirds or more votes. Decisions on other issues on the agenda are considered to be adopted if they are voted for more than half of those present. 

7.6.7 In the period between meetings of the regional offices headed by the board, led by chairman. 

7.6.8 The competence of the Board:

- directs the activities of the office between meetings

- to decide the question of convening a meeting of the regional branch;

- use of the property and the separation means; 

- considers disputes, complaints and suggestions of members of the regional branch of the Association; 

- approves the budget office costs;

- solves other relevant issues that are not in the competence of the Assembly and related department activities and the implementation of the Association superior decisions. 

7.6.9 The competence of the chairman of the regional branch:

- manages the current activity; 

- organize the implementation of local decisions of the Congress, the Presidency and the President of the Association;

- implements the decisions of the meeting of the regional branch; 

- manages the financial resources department within the budget approved by the board; 

- organize the review of disputes and complaints, as well as the proposals of the Association members, members of the Association's office and make decisions on them; 

- taking measures to implement the objectives of the Association in accordance with its articles of association;

- organizing the collection of membership fees and the transfer of funds received to the account of the Association in accordance with the decision of its Bureau; 

- solves other relevant issues related to the regional branch of the Association activities and not in the competence of the Assembly and the Board. 

7.6.10.Finansirovanie activities of the regional branch conducted at the expense of deductions from annual membership fees and the provision of financial assistance to the Association, the amount of which is determined by the decision of its Bureau, as well as by other lawful income. 

7.7. The Auditing Commission of the Association. 

7.7.1.Kontrolno Auditing Commission is the supervisory body, establishing the correctness and legality of the financial and economic activities of the Association.

7.7.2. The Auditing Commission shall be elected by the Congress for a period of seven years. 

7.7.3.V composition of the Auditing Commission consists of a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary and members, the amount of which is determined by the Congress. 

7.7.4. Control and audit Commission checks the activities of the Association: compliance with statutory regulations and organizational work order, the validity of the conclusion of contracts, the proper use of the property and budget, financial and economic, scientific and practical work, as well as the procedure for the passage of cases and timely consideration of applications, complaints and suggestions of its members. 

7.7.5.Kontrolno Auditing Commission carries out the audit of financial and economic activity of the Association at least once a year, inform the President and the Bureau.

7.7.6.Kontrolno Auditing Commission shall report on the results of its work at the next congress. 


8.1 The funds of the Association are formed by:

- ​​entrance and annual membership fees; 

- voluntary contributions and donations;

- income from business activity of the Association; 

- revenue from publishing and other legitimate activities of the Association; 

- other income not prohibited by law. 

8.2. The Association may own land plots, buildings, structures, facilities, housing, transportation, equipment, inventory, property of cultural, educational and recreational purposes, funds, stocks, other securities and other property necessary for material support of its activities referred to in this' charter. The property of the Association can also be medical, publishing, printing, media and other structural formations, created and purchased from the funds of the Association in accordance with the statutory goals. Its property shall be protected by law.

8.3. Owner of the property is the Association as a whole and each of its individual members do not have the property right to a share of property belonging to the Association. 

8.4. Income from business activities of the Association may not be distributed among its members and used to carry out the statutory objectives. You can use the Association funds for charitable purposes.

8.5. Regional offices, acting on the basis of the Charter of the Association are eligible to the operational management of the property assigned to them by the Association. 


9.1. The Association ceases its activities through the elimination of the decision of the Congress, took two-thirds of the votes in the presence of a quorum. It can also be eliminated in the established order by the court and in cases stipulated by the current legislation. Reorganization of the Association is carried out by decision of the Congress, shall require a two-thirds vote of the delegates present in the presence of a quorum. Reorganization and liquidation of the Association shall be in accordance with the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic.

9.2. Funds and property of the Association, liquidated by a decision of its congress, after "creditors' claims are directed to the purposes stipulated by the charter.

9.3. Association Documents on staff full-time unit after the liquidation are sent in the prescribed manner to the State Archives.


10.1. Changes and additions to the Articles of Association adopted by the Congress of the Association if they are voted for more than two-thirds of the participants, and are registered in the manner prescribed by law.