Speech by the President of MAHIM Berezhnoy S.N. at the international online conference "Acupuncture 2020", held by the Craniosacral Academy

Good day dear colleagues, participants of the conference. I want to welcome  from Kyrgyzstan. A little about myself: my name is Berezhnoy Sergey, I osteopath, taught manual therapy and Oriental gymnastics Qigong and tai JI Quan at the Department of Oriental medicine of the doctors improvement Institute, also taught at the Eurasian Institute of Osteopathic Medicine. At the moment I am President of the International Association of Holistic and Integrative Medicine.

In the end I'm going to comment on the activities of our Association.

 In my speech I want to tell you about the holistic field of medicine in our country. What methods develop, what specialists are more in demand at the moment.

Just want to note that Kyrgyzstan is a state, which is part of the CIS and in many ways the education system that we have is a legacy of the Soviet Union.

As the conference theme are marked with the positions of acupuncture, you will start with this direction. Status of acupuncture in our in our country is medical specialty. The name of the specialty doctor acupuncture. We are not going on to the division specialist of TCM and acupuncture, so every expert in acupuncture must:

-have a medical degree

- take the primary improvement in Instititute retraining of doctors, or pass the internship at the Department of Oriental medicine at the same Institute.

Residency training includes such areas as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine, apitherapy, Eastern gymnastics various diagnostic methods of Oriental medicine.

But in order to practice privately you need 5 years of practice as a physician acupuncturist in the official medical institution.

Now the situation is changing and the new regulation of the Ministry of health introduced the system of credit hours, as well as in Russia. The Ministry of health K. R. in late February, adopted the order.

Also, the Department of Oriental medicine are specializations in the following areas: Chiropractic, herbal medicine is also on the basis of higher education.

In Kyrgyzstan, the certification of specialists is carried out by specialized Associations. For example, the certification of acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists in the Association of Eastern and Alternative Medicine, which is a co-founder. The President of the Association R. A. Kanaev is also the head of the Department of Oriental medicine, Institute of Improvement of doctors.

The Association of Eastern and Alternative medicine established close ties with Chinese partners and Chinese experts periodically conduct seminars for our doctors and acupuncturists. Recently took a project in which teachers from the University of China conducted a series of workshops on acupuncture. A couple of years ago, it was stalled, may resume in the future, I do not have any information about the reasons.

But it should be noted that in Kyrgyzstan there are enough areas of acupuncture. For example, for the past 25 years we have and are actively working medical centers specialists from South Korea. Used as corporal of the Korean acupuncture and method is soo JI Chim( projection method the Meridian system of the person on the brush). Back in the seventies in Kyrgyzstan are actively working specialist, who was trained in the military medical Academy of China to study acupuncture. He received treatment all members of the Central Committee of the Communist party of CU.

At the moment we have a huge number of Chinese experts, but, unfortunately, often the situation arises when data professionals have insufficient training. But also among them there are doctors of a very high level.

Due to the fact that Kyrgyzstan shares borders with China, during Chinese cultural revolution, a large number of Chinese doctors acupuncturists came to us, and our government gave them the opportunity to work and treat patients. In the future, there was a family lines transfer of knowledge on acupuncture. Such specialists are skilled in various methods, for example by Her Jing chronopuncture. Thus to summarize, the historical traditions of acupuncture in Kyrgyzstan is rich enough..

Also in Kyrgyzstan is actively developing the direction of Osteopathy. In 2012 opened a private UNIVERSITY Eurasian Institute of Osteopathic Medicine. Founder Usupbekova B. S., former head of the Department of Oriental medicine, she also created the Department of Oriental medicine in 2001. Training programs at the Institute is made on the basis of programs of training of osteopaths the osteopathy Department "North-Western state medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov headed by Dmitry Mokhov. The first issue that I have also completed training conducted by teachers from the University. Currently teach already trained local teachers, but also teachers come from St. Petersburg foreign teachers. The Institute of Osteopathy the following year will be 10 years.

Basic education of a doctor of osteopathy at the Institute of Osteopathy lasts 3.5 years on the basis of higher medical education. In addition, the Institute organizes many post-graduate seminars and courses:

-biodynamic Osteopathy


energy osteopathy etc.


Two years ago, the specialty of the doctor of osteopathy was officially recognized by the Ministry of health and Usupbekova B. S. is the chief extraordinary specialist at MHC on osteopathy issues. Last year, the Institute passed accreditation in the process. It should be noted that our universities currently accredited in all of the Boulogne process in the framework of integration into the European education system.

 Certification doctors of osteopaths engaged in the Kyrgyz Osteopathic Association whose President is Usupbekova B. S. it Should be noted that during the existence of the Eurasian Institute of Osteopathic Medicine has been much work on the introduction of osteopathy in Kyrgyzstan, and osteopathy is known today, and particularly pleased that many experts of official medicine often recommend patients visit a doctor of osteopathy.

Herbal medicine in Kyrgyzstan is now also taught at the Department of Oriental medicine. It should be noted that even in the 90s, the extensive research on herbal medicine was held at the Academy of Sciences under the leadership of Professor Altymyshev. His book, "Medicinal resources of Kyrgyzstan" has withstood several editions and translated into Polish, German, English and Bulgarian languages were tested and implemented a number of drugs, Arstanbek Alibaevich gave life to many balms and, in particular, the famous "Orasanu".

Balsam "Arashan" was to exhibit the world the Leipzig trade fair in 1977, where he was awarded a Large gold medal, world's fair in Baghdad, where together with other exhibits of Kyrgyzstan was awarded a gold medal.

It should also be noted that our region is very rich in herbs, and given the high altitude, the concentration of biologically active substances in herbs are very high, much higher than the same herbs, for example, in Russia. We have a lot of local producers of herbal teas that are exported both in Russia and in Europe. This possibility has emerged since 1994 Kyrgyzstan joined the WTO.

Homeopathy. Yesterday managed to talk with the President of the Homeopathic Association Torokulova Sparbu Tobolowsky. At the moment, homeopathy is also an official medical specialty, approved by order of Ministry of health of the Kyrgyz Republic of 1993. Association of homeopaths at the center of Tadmir in cooperation with the Institute of retraining of doctors produced about 300 professionals homeopaths. Also Sparbu Tabacalera is President of the Association of Hepatologists of the CD, and on the basis of official protocols for the treatment of hepatitis methods of official medicine, additionally, introduces the work with patients homeopathic medicines.

Traditional medicine is widespread in our state. In this respect, our region is located at the intersection of the West and the East. Through the territory of Kyrgyzstan in the past passed the Great silk Road, and this created the conditions for the interpenetration of the traditions of different cultures and in particular medical traditions in our country. Closely intertwined traditions of healing and the treatment of different cultures: nomadic cultures, European, Sufi, Chinese, Tibetan. Until recently, we had the Institute of traditional Medicine Bayes, who was involved in the certification of folk healers, and on the basis of this Institute worked as the specialists in these areas. Now, this institution was abolished, and the function of control over activity of specialists of traditional medicine partly formed by our Association of Eastern and Alternative Medicine.

Now I want to focus on the activities of the International Association of Holistic and Integrative Medicine, which is registered in Kyrgyzstan, whose members are currently the physicians from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, France, Italy, and Austria. I am the head of the Association. Our objectives are:

- Development and promotion of methods of holistic medicine

- Creation of possibilities of interaction between specialists holistic medical directions

- creating the possibility of interaction of professionals in the holistic fields of medicine with representatives of the allopathic medicine within an integrative approach to solving problems of patients. There is already an agreement on cooperation with Associations of Rheumatology CU, CU of Osteoporosis and the Association of Hepatologists

This integration will allow to develop a more effective health comprehensive preventive and therapeutic approaches to the patient, as well as research activities of specialists in holistic areas of medicine, giving more opportunities publications and participation in scientific-practical conferences, symposia.

A very important area is rehabilitation of patients. This area of medicine in Kyrgyzstan is only in the formative stage, and in the process play an important role in the holistic working methods.

Very seriously we take the development direction of herbal medicine. From our point of view, in our region there is huge potential for development in this direction.

At the moment there are areas of holistic medicine that are not actually represented in our region, such as Ayurveda and traditional Tibetan medicine.

Development of holistic fields of medicine in our region, our Association is negotiating and has already reached certain agreements on cooperation with such organizations as: the national Ayurvedic Medical Association, the Professional Psychotherapeutic League Institute of Functional Neurology named Jose Palamara, Institute of Osteopathy and Metavante also negotiating with the Institute of Tibetan Astrology and Medicine( Dharamsala). We hope that this cooperation will introduce and develop the areas of holistic medicine, which, unfortunately, poorly represented in our region.

Among the current projects of our Association:

A joint project on training of our specialists Metavante direction from the Institute Metavante Edward Metalowych Nematov.

Also, going back to Acupuncture, it should be noted an important project in Kyrgyzstan, which has lasted almost a year on the implementation of the direction of Her Jing acupuncture from the international College of Peter van Kervel. This project was created thanks to the collaboration with international College of Peter van Kervel, community of mothers of special children and the Association of Eastern and Alternative Medicine. Special thanks to Konstantin Vladimirovich Sharapova, without him this project probably would not have taken place. Objectives of this project was the treatment of special children in the community, as well as training of specialists from Central Asia It method I Ching acupuncture. This method is well-proven, and our experts are already seeing very good results.

We are in constant contact with moms from the community and seeing the results of Her method of Jing.

At the end of my speech I want to thank personally and on behalf of our International Association of Holistic and Integrative Medicine colleagues for taking the time to check my performance, Konstantin Vladimirovich for the invitation to participate in this conference and, of course, to invite to cooperation with our Association of physicians and all interested in the development of Holistic and Integrative Medicine.

Now I'm gladly willing to answer questions.